With the Taillog EFB, flight actuals will be seamlessly transferred to FL3XX.

The Taillog automated flight log and EFB system integrates now with FL3XX. The integration comprises two steps:

1. Schedule Sync: The entire schedule is synched from FL3XX to Taillog via the flight planning tool (e.g. PPS). Each pilot will have his list of flights to chose from automatically in his Taillog app.

2. Actuals Capture: Once the pilot has filled in all the data on the Taillog app, the actuals will be automatically transferred to the post-flight section in FL3XX. Removing redundancies and avoiding errors.

Activation Process: To activate the Taillog integration with FL3XX, please contact Support. Upon contacting the team, they will provide assistance in setting up the integration and ensure a smooth transition for leveraging its benefits.