A business operations system built for Charter Operator sales teams. offers tools for efficient flight planning and dispatch, scheduling and resource management, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, and reporting and analytics. By centralizing and automating various aspects of aviation operations, helps businesses in the industry improve efficiency, save time, and reduce costs.

The FL3XX and integration provides you with the following benefits:
  1. Data Accessibility: The integration allows seamless access to essential data stored within the FL3XX platform, including Quotes, Bookings, Trips, Persons, and Accounts. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures accuracy in sales processes.

  2. Refined Operations: Sales teams can now efficiently retrieve relevant information from FL3XX directly within their existing workflow. This streamlines operations, reduces administrative overhead, and enables teams to focus more on revenue-generating activities.

  3. Enhanced CRM Capabilities: By integrating with FL3XX, sales teams gain enhanced CRM capabilities. They can easily track customer interactions, manage leads, and nurture relationships by accessing comprehensive data stored in FL3XX.

  4. Improved Reporting: The integration facilitates better reporting by providing access to detailed information on Quotes, Bookings, Trips, and more. Sales managers can generate insightful reports, analyze performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies.

Activation Process:

To activate the integration with FL3XX, operators are required to contact Upon contacting the team, they will provide assistance in setting up the integration and ensure a smooth transition for leveraging its benefits.


  1. Go to FL3XX -> Settings -> Integrations ->
  2. Enable
  3. Insert the URL (provided by team)
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