Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) enables users to log into FL3XX with their corporate Microsoft or Google accounts.

Why SSO?

SSO can improve security. A single sign-on solution can simplify username and password management for both users and administrators.

How to enable SSO?

SSO is enabled in FL3XX by default. Ensure that the login ID (typically an email) used with the SSO provider matches the login ID set for the user in FL3XX.

The user can log in if this email authenticates correctly with the SSO provider. You can set the access rights of the user in FL3XX.

Currently, FL3XX supports Microsoft and Google SSO.

Depending on your SSO setup you might need to consent to its use with an administrator account. If you see a message like the below, you need to sign in with an admin account to your SSO provider and approve FL3XX's request to log in. See more here.

Enhanced SSO

If you want to enforce SSO, we can ensure users cannot continue logging in with login ID and password. Please reach out to, and our team will disable the login with a password.