RDC - airportcharges


RDC is a provider of airport charges such as

  • Runway Charges
  • Passenger Charges
  • Security Costs
  • Infrastructure Charges
  • Parking Charges
  • Environmental Charges
  • Terminal Navigation Charges
  • En-Route Navigation Charges

Via its API, FL3XX can send the whole flight itinerary of to RDC and receive the precise costs for all these items. In order to use the API, a separate subscription with RDC is required.


If RDC is enabled, you will find a respective button in the Pricing Block next to the “Landing” label. Just klick it in order to send the itinerary to RDC. After the calculation is done on their side (~10-15s), the estimated costs in the Pricing Block will be replaced by the RDC values and displayed in blue. The RDC button will also be displayed in blue after the calculation.

Clicking on one of the labels will give you a detailed breakdown of all the costs returned from RDC.

Error Messages

Here is a short explanation of some errors, which RDC may revert in case of problems. (Source: https://my.rdcaviation.com/api/apc/route-charges/v1)

Error Code 

Possible Reason 

401: Request limit reached

Your daily max number of quotes agreed in the commercial agreement with RDC reached. (e.g. 1000 quotes a day).

403: Unauthorized Access 

User is inactive. 
User not permitted to access module. 
API Inactive for user.
Requests exceeded limit.
Token Expired. 

400: Bad Request 

There is a problem with your request. 

404: Wrong URL or Token


429: Too many requests 

By default only 1 request is allowed per second. 

500: Internal Server Error 

We messed up something. Please let us know.


All settings for RDC can be found in COMPANY SETTINGS / RDC.

  1. RDC Enabled: Enables/disables the integration
  2. RDC URL: Unless instructed differently, use https://api.airportcharges.com/api/v1
  3. RDC Token: Download your API Authorization Token from your MyRDC access. Head to the "API Portal" from the main menu and click "Authorization Token" under AirportCharges