Product Update 29 June 2023 | v1.25

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Quick View Quotes and Side Menu Access

What's new:
We've taken user-friendliness to the next level with our latest UI modifications. Check out the following updates that will bring a smoother and more intuitive experience:

  • We have added a new button in the side menu that allows you to easily expand or collapse all quotes at once with a single action.
  • You can access the side menu view switch from inside the side menu for quick and easy navigation.


Web Application

Stay Compliant With Crew Visa Warnings

What's new:

You can now receive real-time crew visa expiration warnings in the Dispatch section. This feature allows you to stay on top of crew documentation whilst ensuring compliance.

Crew labels


Enhanced Data Security and Consistency

What's new:

From now on, all changes to customer and account information will only be made through authorized endpoints, preventing unintentional or unauthorized modifications.

This means, when you make a quote or booking, any existing customer or account data you submit will be used without any updates, keeping your information safe and secure. However, if you provide data for a customer or account not present in our system, new entries will be created accordingly.

For any updates or modifications to existing accounts or customers, you'll need to use the dedicated /api/external/user endpoints. This change helps maintain the integrity of our system and ensures the accuracy of your information.

For more information, please refer to our updated documentation.

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Keep Track of Your Delays

What's new:

We understand flight delays can occur due to a wide range of circumstances, and having multiple delay reasons can help you to identify and track the specific causes behind each delay.

For better tracking and analysis of delays, we have incorporated a multiple Drop-Down List menu with delay reasons for the Movement and Post Flight Panels. This allows you to track more than one delay reason for each item.


Argus and Wyvern: Set Type Rating Names

What's new:

Our new improvements for the Argus and Wyvern integrations give you the flexibility to set your own names for Type Ratings in the Qualifications tree and specify the referenced standard names used by Wyvern or Argus for a smoother integration process.

This update ensures seamless compatibility and boosts the overall efficiency of the systems integration.

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