Product Update 27 Feb 2023 | v1.7

Web Application

Airport Categories by Type

What's new:
You will now find a new option on the Airports page allowing you to categorize the Aerodrome Category by aircraft type.

Airport Categorisation

Web Application

Customized Accounts Field

What's new:
Store your information in its rightful place with our new customizable fields in Accounts. New field will always be shown in the Accounts page and you also have the option to display them on the Sales page.

Customisable Preferences 1
Customisable Preferences 2

Customisable Preferences 3

Web Application

Premium Flight Tracking

What's new:
Premium Flight Tracking is now available via our aviowiki integration.

With this new enhancement, take-off and landing times are automatically populated, and you now have the option to send automatic movement messages.

Inside the movement messages we have also included a link to a moving map display. This link can be shared with your customers, so they too can follow their flights. 

To implement this feature, contact the Sales Team today.

Flight Tracking PUs 2