Product Update 26 Jan 2023 | v1.3

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Automated Email Fallback Option

What's new:
We've added an automated email fallback option for accounts in Sales that don't have a related person listed, or where the related Person does not have an email contact. In such cases, correspondence will be sent to the email address of the account itself.


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More Clarity on Your FBO Status

What's new:
When a default FBO is not set for an airport in Dispatch, FL3XX now auto-displays "To Be Determined" instead of the operator's own name. 


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Resize Your Timeline Window

What's new:
When inside a flight in the Timeline, you can now resize the panels by clicking and dragging up or down.




More Flexibility With Crew Assignment

What's new:
We have added a new feature to our API that allows for updating crew members on a flight. This feature enhances the existing POST method for api/external/flight/:flightID/crew and allows for the following use cases:

  1. Assigning crew members
  2. Swapping a crew member with another crew member already assigned on that flight.
  3. Substituting pilot(s) with other pilots not previously assigned to the flight.
  4. Removing crew members

To correctly assign the crew, add the following to the payload:

  1. "role": "CMD" to assign the PIC.
  2. "role": "FO" to assign the SIC.
  3. "role": "FA" to assign the Flight Attendant.

This update is available for the endpoint api/external/flight/:flightID/crew for both GET and POST method.


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Implementation of New US Tax Regulations

What's new:
We have updated our tax calculator for 2023 based on new regulations from the US government. The following changes have been made:

  • Domestic Pax: 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) remains unchanged.
  • Passenger Segment Fee: Increased to $4.80 per segment.
  • International/Departure: Increased to $21.10 per passenger for arrival or departure. This is the High Facility Fee.
  • Immigration: No change, remains at $7.00 per passenger.
  • Customs: Increased to $6.52 (effective 10/1/22).
  • APHIS: Decreased to $3.83 (effective 12/1/22).
  • HI/AK: $10.60 per passenger for Low Facility Charge.