Product Update 15 Dec 2022 | v12.1

Canadian Flight Time Limitations

Mainly concerns:
FL3XX Web App

What's new:
New Canadian FTL regulations

What to look out for:
With this update, we are fully compliant with the new regulations that came into force on December 12. 

The most prominent adjustment is the "acclimatization" period. Under the new regulations, crew members start their Flight Duty Period on the first day based on the crew member's acclimatization time zone. The previous limit was 14 hours, but now it will be between 9 and 13 hours depending on starting time and sectors flown. 

The new implemented rules will also extend required rest periods from approximately 8 hours to 10, 11 hours plus travel time, or 12 hours, depending on the location of the rest period. 

Furthermore, various factors influence the rest requirements, like Time Zone Deviations between the start and end of the duty period, the time spent away in a particular Time Zone, or WOCL encroachment, to name a few. 

We haven't forgotten about the Split Duty - based on the time spent in suitable accommodation and depending on the time of day the rest takes placethe calculated increase in the Maximum Flight Duty Period goes up by 50% or 100% from the rest time.