Product Update 13 July 2023 | v1.27


Country of Birth Data Field Now Available

What's new:
The "Country of Birth" data field is now available in the API for each user and staff member. If present in the web application, this field will be included in the payloads of UserDTO and CrewDetailedInformationDTO as an ISO country code.

The affected endpoints are:

  • /api/external/user
  • /api/external/staff/crew
  • /api/external/staff/roster

Access to this additional field will provide you with more detailed information for analysis and customization based on birth country.

For further information about our recent API updates, click here.

Web Application

Permit Management Made Easy

What's new:
We are excited to announce some significant updates to the Permit Panel based on valuable user feedback. The following changes are designed to enhance the functionality and user experience throughout the permit management process:

  • The Takeoff and Landing Permit sections have been separated
  • Locations (Airport) have been introduced within the Takeoff and Landing Permit Sections
  • Permit validity date and time has been introduced for each Permit
  • The Flight Strip has been adjusted to provide a clear overview of the required Permits

Permit Update

Web Application

Keep Your Qualifications Organized

What's new:

Now you can stay on top of older qualifications, irrespective of their source or original setup. In the Qualifications Panel we have added a new checkbox which gives you the option to handpick qualifications destined for archiving.


Web Application

Refined Filtering for Crew Assignments

What's new:

In the Staff, Licenses, and Roster modules, we’ve introduced additional filtering criteria based on assignments and positions. Now you can use the new filters to narrow down your crew selection or search.