Product Update 11 Apr 2023 | v1.13

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Service Provider Quick View

What's new:
You now have easy access to the Service Provider information within the Flight Strip, especially when multiple services are set within a particular panel.

  • If one task is set within the panel, we will display the Service Provider name.
  • If more than one task is set within the panel, you will see the number of tasks.
  • Hovering on the provider name or the number in the Flight Strip will display a tool-tip with all the relevant details within the panel.

PU Service-provider-Tooltips

Web Application

Transparency on Your TSA List Status

What's new:
We’ve added a new safeguard to provide more transparency on the legal status of your passengers.

If you have activated the TSA List Processing feature but have not uploaded the TSA NoFly, Selectee, or Cleared lists, a yellow indicator will appear showing each missing list. Additionally, hovering over the yellow indicator will display a tool-tip advising you that no lists have been found in the system.

PU TSA-list-check

Web Application

Access Lead Passenger Information in Seconds

What's new:
When hovering over the passenger section in Dispatch, you will find a new tool-tip showing the lead passenger information.

PU Lead pax name

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New Functionality for Your US FET Tax

What's new:
We've made some changes on how the US FET tax is calculated:

  • The over-water exemption is no longer calculated for flights on the East Coast from Airports within the 250mile zone in Canada, and for flights between Mexico and the US.
  • We'll now calculate the FET on domestic leg(s) that occur within 12 hours before an international flight, and where the number of passengers is less than on the international flight.
  • The FET field is now editable. This means that you can make changes to the FET calculations as needed.