Product Update 01 June 2023 | v1.21

Web Application

Editable Pilot Flight Times

What's new:
We've added a new setting that allows editing of Pilot Flight Times in the Post Flight section. This comes in handy, especially for flights with augmented crews. You can track total times and PIC/SIC times precisely for each crew member. Additionally, the information can also be synced with the Wyvern and Argus integrations if enabled for your instance.

To allow your pilots to add their own flight times, enable the "Post Flight Pilot Flight Time Fields Editable" setting. When this setting is enabled, we still calculate the flight time according to the applicable rules, but pilots have the option to overwrite it.

editable pilot flight time

Web Application

Auto-Generated References for Easier Account Management

What's new:

We've released a major update to our API endpoint and account management system resulting in a more efficient process for creating and retrieving accounts.

Now, when creating an account using our external API endpoint POST /api/external/user/account, the system will automatically generate a unique 'externalReference', even if not provided. This simplifies your interaction with our service and prevents the need for manual externalReference generation.

For those creating accounts internally through the FL3XX client, we've created a format fl3xx_{internalID} as a reference. You can easily retrieve these internally-created accounts using GET, PUT, DELETE /api/external/user/account/{externalReference} Endpoint.

You can still Read, Update, and Delete an account using the externalReference created externally.

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