Aviowiki Premium Flight Tracking

With a mouse click, you can send a flight tracking link to your customer or any other party. Or, you can let FL3XX do it automatically.

How it works

This feature works only for aircraft equipped with ADS-B.

Take-off and Landing times are taken as received from the ADS-B network. FL3XX can't guarantee its accuracy or punctuality.

1) Send a flight tracking link manually

  1. In Dispatch, open the MVT panel.
  2. Press the blue "Send" button to open a dialog.
  3. Select who you wish to send a movement message with a tracking link.
  4. You may modify the content of your message.
  5. Press "Send" in the bottom right corner of the dialog window to ship your message.

Flight Tracking Manual Send-1

You can open the tracking link to view the beautiful map with a right click.

  1. With your mouse, right-click to open a menu.
  2. Choose "Open Link in New Tab" to open the beautiful map (see part 3 below).

Right Click

2) Send a flight tracking link automatically

Press "Send Message Automatically" to activate the automated sending for the selected flight. Press again to deactivate.

Then, if this is active for a given flight, once you paste in a Take-Off Time, FL3XX will auto-send the movement message and include the flight tracking link.


Desktop View

Prem Flight Tracking

Mobile View


You can precise the Departure and Arrival times on the tracking map by controlling the Off-block and On-Block times in the MVT panel.

Onblock and offblock

How to enable this feature

  • In Settings, in Integrations, go to Aviowiki Premium Flight Tracking

  • Enable Premium Flight Tracking: This enables or disables this feature.
  • Include Subcharter Flights: Enable/disable
    • Please note that by tracking subcharter flights, you agree that your aircraft's position will be shared when chartered by other FL3XX operators. Location sharing for subcharter flights is limited to ±1h before/after the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I activate this feature, which flights will it apply to?
You can use this feature with any confirmed flights in the Dispatch module. Please note that such a flight's departure date and time should be in the future.

THERE IS NO TRACKING LINK when I open the "Send " movement dialog in FL3XX.
- Check the instructions above on how to send the link manually.
Check if this feature is enabled in your FL3XX system settings.