Owner App

FL3XX Owner App Features: View Location, Flights Schedule, Reports, Manage Transactions, View Timeline Events, Book Flights, & Approve Quotes.

Download Owner App

Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fl3xx.owner

Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fl3xx-owner/id1261787786

Owner App Overview

FL3XX is offering its customers an owner app to give access to the owners of their managed aircraft. The app is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. Once they logged in, the main page shows pictures of their aircraft, its location, and aircraft details.


  • Find my Jet (Location):

Open the map and the owner see where the aircraft is in real-time, whether parked or in-flight.

  • Tour my Jet (3D walkthrough):

With the most sophisticated 3D Showcase of the aircraft on the market, owners can do a 3D walkthrough and tour the unique features of their aircraft from the App.

Set up the URL of your Matterport (TM) 3D aircraft scan, and owners can show the unique features of their aircraft directly on the phone. 




This page shows all upcoming flights and tasks of the Aircraft along with their schedule, booking ID, departure and arrival times, flight duration, and the number of passengers and crew on board. The owner can navigate by scrolling up and down on the page or selecting one flight and seeing all flights associated with a booking.

Upcoming maintenance and other events added from the web app Timeline are visible to users in the schedule tab. To enhance user experience in the owner app, we have chosen to hide tasks labeled as "Note" as they contain minimal content. However, tasks like "Scheduled Maintenance" remain visible and unchanged to ensure owners can easily grasp the schedule and prioritize important maintenance activities. This way, critical tasks such as "Scheduled Maintenance" and other relevant activities are clearly displayed for easy reference.

One of the most crucial pieces of information, the AOG (Aircraft on Ground) status, is also prominently displayed on the Aircraft screen as soon as you log in to the app.

The app initially displays up to 30 records, and each time you scroll for more, an additional 30 records will be loaded (cancelled flights are not shown but are considered in the count). This ensures that as new flights are added, the list will continuously expand. To manage data effectively, a one-year limit has been implemented, guaranteeing smooth pagination without exceeding a year's worth of flight data from the web app (available soon on Android).


Schedule a flight

The owner can book their flights directly from the app by adding the From/To, Date, number of PAX information, and the aircraft they want to book. The information will be sent directly to your Sales Department. 

In the Schedule tab, press the request button on the top right corner and a New Trip tab appears where you can insert all data.

Urgent appointment? Check "Fixed Time" to show the dispatcher that you must be at/leave a specific airport at a specified time.

You can also plan a trip with multiple flights and see the flight time and distance estimates.

When an owner requests a flight with one or more legs, it automatically generates a booking on FL3XX. This booking uses the 'Private' type workflow set up in your Sales Workflows in Operator Settings. If you have multiple workflows set as 'Private' type, the system will prioritize the first one in the order. 


The Reports feature of the app provides owners with detailed information on their aircraft's performance, including the number of flights, passengers, and hours flown over the last week, month, or year. This feature is highly valued among jet owners as it offers valuable insights into the aircraft's usage and performance.

To use the Reports feature, owners must choose one of the three available options: Week, Month, or Year. Depending on the selected option, the app generates a report containing data for the specified period.

For the Week option, the report covers the last seven days until the current time. The Month option covers the previous 30 days before the current time. The Year option covers the past 365 days before the current time.

When using the Owner App Reports for the first time, it is important to have an understanding of how flights are categorized, as this forms the basis of the data you will see. Flights are divided into different categories based on specific criteria. On the web app, there are four main types: 'Ferry', 'Charter', 'Owner', and 'Other'. 'Ferry' refers to flights without passengers or cargo, regardless of the type of workflow. 'Charter' and 'Owner' flights are those booked under their respective categories and involve passengers or cargo. 'Other' includes all remaining flights that do not fit into the first three categories. In the Owner app, these are displayed as three categories: 'Positioning' (which corresponds to 'Ferry'), 'My Flights' (corresponding to 'Owner'), and 'Charter'.

By utilizing the Reports feature, owners can make informed decisions regarding maintenance, usage, and other important factors related to their aircraft's performance. With easy access to detailed performance metrics, owners can better understand their aircraft's usage patterns and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.

Transactions (Accounting):

Shows detailed information about the last transactions, along with the owner's balance and deposit with the company.


Notifications: Flight approvals

The Notification Tab shows pending quotes awaiting the owner's approval. The owner can accept or decline this quote, along with the option to review the flight manifest or the owner-approval document. In case the owner has questions, he can easily call or send an email to the sales team.


Setting up FL3XX Owner App

To start using the FL3XX Owner App, make sure that the owner is listed under "Persons" of the account that includes their aircraft. If necessary, set up the aircraft under the correct account by going to the Aircraft page on the web app and providing the correct account and owner user information. Once set up, ensure that the owner has sufficient access rights by going to Persons → Owner user → Roles → Others → Owner. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.