NAVsystem by NAV Flight Services is a powerful flight planning tool. FL3XX effortlessly syncs flight data with NAVsystem, eliminating the need for manual flight data entry.


NAVsystem: Access and open the flights from FL3XX in the Timeline Table.

In FL3XX: Users don't control this integration. FL3XX provides the flight data seamlessly in the background.



The relevant flight data is transmitted from FL3XX to NAVsystem, such as dates, times, flight numbers, departure and arrival airports, and aircraft registrations.

NAVsystem reads the date period of today + 48 hours.

Flight changes in FL3XX are updated in NAVsystem, too.

The data exchange between the systems is one-way: from FL3XX to NAVsystem.


There are no specific settings for NAVsystem in FL3XX.


To initiate this integration, users must first contact NAVsystem.

Following this, NAVsystem and FL3XX will activate this service for you.