MySky Spend

MySky Spend automates operational cost analysis, streamlines admin tasks, and improves revenue and conversion rates with accurate cost estimates and a user-friendly interface.

MySky is a comprehensive platform for managing private jets, designed to help stakeholders control costs and save time. It features a range of tools for data collection, invoice management, cost analysis, reporting, and visualization. MySky has partnered with top management companies to build a robust price and benchmark database based on transaction data. The platform also leverages AI technology to optimize finances, automate data collection, and set global benchmarks covering over 700 airports. With its unique blend of technology and data, MySky provides unparalleled intelligence and insights to its users.



MySky Spend is integrated through a one-way API, allowing for the automatic transfer of specific data from FL3XX to MySky Spend. This allows for seamless and efficient management of operational costs, without the need for manual input or data transfer.


The Activation Process:

  1. Operator contacts the MySky team
  2. FL3XX and MySky exchange for establishing the connectivity 
  3. Operator needs to make sure that all the desired Aircraft are Published to the API 
    You can check it in FL3XX -> Aircraft -> Integrations 
    Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 11.05.36

For any further assistance, please contact the FL3XX Customer Care team at