MySky Quote

MySky Quote is a powerful budgeting tool that provides a predictive estimate for an upcoming trip.

MySky Quote takes into account various factors, such as flight and hotel costs, to provide an accurate quote for the trip. MySky Quote also uses actual costs, rather than estimated costs, to ensure that the budget is as accurate as possible and helps the user to plan their trip with confidence.

To utilize the integration between FL3XX and MySky Quote, the following steps must be taken:
  1. Subscribe to MySky Quote and receive login and password information from the MySky team.

  2. Insert this information in the Settings -> Integrations -> MySky Quote section of FL3XX.

  3. Ensure that the aircraft registration information in FL3XX matches the aircraft registration in MySky Quote.

    1. For example, OE-FL3XX should not be entered as OEFL3XX in MySky Quote.

    2. If you want to enable it for all the aircraft, you can leave this field empty

How it works at FL3XX:

  1. Once these steps have been completed, the grey M and the MySky Quote button will appear next to the FL3XX trip's price metrics.
  2. To use the integration, the user simply clicks on the grey M icon. This triggers the push of the trip and an automatic calculation.
  3. A green pop-up will appear with a loading string.
  4. If the integration is working properly, the cost of the trip will appear next to the MySky Quote button.
  5. The user can then click on the cost and it will automatically be entered into the Total Gross field.
  6. The user can also click on the MySky Quote text to be redirected to the quote on the MySky Quote page.

MySky Quote

For any further assistance, please contact the FL3XX Customer Care team at