MINT TMS is a Training, Resource and Qualification Management System tool to plan, optimise and measure the training and career progress and the actual records of a customer employees.


Mint can be enabled by checking the MINT box in FL3XX under Settings/Integrations, provided you have already obtained the AIP URL, username and password from MINT directly.

The integration works one way as in updating FL3XX qualifications Expiration dates for generic aggregated expirations e.g. a ‘Captain’ ‘CP’ qualification will be synced in FL3XX however in MINT that may be the result of different, individual expired qualifications.

FL3XX and MINT match the crew names together with qualification acronyms to update the data.

The sync will skip the fields in FL3XX that are newer or equal to the same in MINT so the newest dates are retained.




Al qualification and license details are maintained primarily in MINT, not in FL3XX

Expiration Dates are synced from MINT to FL3XX (one-way).

Admins are able to trigger the update in FL3XX on demand by using the ‘Sync now’ button.





All settings for MINT can be found in Settings/Admin Operators Settings/Integrations/MINT:

  1. MINT Integration main checkbox (to enable or disable)
  2. MINT URL: Enter the MINT URL as provided (currently where XYZ is the acronym for your company as provided by MINT
  3. MINT Username: Enter the username you received from MINT
  4. MINT Password: Enter the password you received from MINT
  5. MINT Status: check for the last sync status details and a list of errors produced.


Please note that all errors are coming from MINT so they are not produced by FL3XX