Jetex Trip Support Integration

Does Jetex help you prepare some of your missions? Do you find communication via email and phone tedious, slow, and prone to errors? With FL3XX, you can order and update trip support services with Jetex with a mouse click.

The prerequisite to benefit from this service is to be Jetex's trip support customer. If you're not a Jetex customer yet and are interested in signing in, please contact Jetex through the Jetex Contact Us form.

A. How to use

1) Create a trip and order a service(s) with Jetex

Prepare your trip in FL3XX Dispatch as usual. In this example, there are three international flights from Europe to the Middle East and back, where Jetex's trip support will be requested.


2) Update an existing service(s) with Jetex


3) Cancel an existing service(s) with Jetex




C. How to set up


The FL3XX support in cooperation with the Jetex team must set up Jetex integration. Don't try to activate it on your own.

      Jetex settings in FL3XX can be found in Settings / Integrations / Jetex:
  1. Enable Jetex API: Enable this service.
  2. Jetex API Username: Your system username provided by Jetex for this integration
  3. Jetex API Password: Your password provided by Jetex for this integration
  4. Auto confirm services by Jetex: If you wish Jetex to turn the services confirmed by them to turn the dispatch/service checklist status to green/OK instead of to red/DO, enable this feature.
  5. Jetex Status: Here you can see the latest transaction and connection time stamp.

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