Introduction to FL3XX Onboarding

Process, Communication, and Timeline

Welcome to FL3XX Onboarding - we are excited to welcome you to the process of building your custom-configured FL3XX environment!

Onboarding at FL3XX is a multi-step process.  To coordinate the process, we will assign a FL3XX Onboarding Specialist to your team. We ask that you assign a FL3XX Onboarding Manager on your side: a person who can oversee onboarding as a whole, facilitate solutions on your team, and be responsive as we move through the process.

To coordinate the process: we will use the FL3XX Onboarding Management Board (onBOARD), which is hosted on Trello.  You will receive a link to the onBOARD before your first onboarding call.  The onBOARD has cards with information and a deadline for each step.  

To communicate: Please send communication and documents to the email address  This is a shared inbox for our onboarding team, which allows us to answer your inquiries faster.  You can send a request for a phone call or a drop-in meeting to this address as well!  For quick updates and questions, we will also communicate in the comments of the cards on the onBOARD. 

To align timelines:  Before your first call, we coordinate a timeline with FL3XX Sales based on your needs, and then create the onBOARD to fit within that timeline.  Looking at the dates of the onBOARD cards - especially the GO-LIVE checklist card - you can see the proposed pacing of the onboarding.  Accepting this schedule means that you are making a commitment to finish each step by its deadline.  FL3XX is making that same commitment to you!  The proposed GO-LIVE date marks the beginning of your billing.

The basic process for onboarding is as follows:

  1. Part 1: In Part 1, you will compile documents, photos, and data.  The data is divided into 5 categories and cards, which can be worked on at the same time within your organization.  FL3XX reviews the data and builds your basic instance. 
  2. Part 2: In Part 2, you are given access to your FL3XX environment.  We work together to configure and integrate your FL3XX.  Training sessions are conducted and important email set-up occurs. 
  3. GO-LIVE:  During GO-LIVE, a checklist is used to ensure both sides are ready to begin.  We remove the "training wheels" from your FL3XX - and celebrate!  

We will discuss this process, the timeline, and the onBOARD in more detail during the initial onboarding call.  Further questions can be sent to  Let's get started!