How to add a TSA list

Note: Only users with 'Flight Ops' and 'Admin" access rights may access this setting. 

The TSA NoFly, Selectee and Cleared lists can be uploaded by US operators in the Settings / TSA Lists section. There is an overview of the status by showing statistics such as upload date/time, the number of matches per list, activation time stamp, and the user who activated it.

TSA Lists Upload

It is the operator's responsibility to get the lists from the TSA and upload them to the system. Once they are activated, the system automatically runs the following processes: 

Auto-checking all Passengers on future flights in the system based on name and date of birth. Passengers are marked RED (NoFly match), YELLOW (Selectee match), and GREEN (Cleared match). Between two list uploads the system auto-checks each passenger added to a flight and marks them when there is a match. 

The system re-runs the above process each time new lists are uploaded

The system checks all employees in the system against the three lists and sends an email to the operator's dedicated email address at 01.30UTC time when a match is detected. In the Reports module, you can find a NoFly report that lists all matches for you and can be presented in case of a TSA check.

 💡 FL3XX pursues a zero-knowledge approach in handling the TSA lists. Meaning the information is not stored as plain data in our system. Neither FL3XX or its employees, nor a potential hacker can view the entire list, or parts of it. The list items are stored as hashes of name and date of birth - which the checks are being run against.