How to activate TSA Screening?

This guide explains how the activation of the TSA Secure Flight Final Rule, Passenger Vetting, via the integration between FL3XX and TSA through the DHS Router.


It is up to you - the Operator - to initiate the onboarding process.

First, contact your TSA's  Principal Security Specialist (PSS) and/or International Industry Representative (IIR).

You must fulfill certain requirements assigned by your PSS/IIR. Among others, adhere to the format of the flight numbers required by TSA.

Unfortunately, FL3XX can't assist you in this initial step with TSA. 

Flight Number Format

TSA expects the flight numbers in a certain format. Make sure you've discussed and concluded this with your PSS/IIR.

We received this advice from CBP: "I would STRONGLY suggest you not use any alpha character in the flight number – only 4 digits.  Alpha characters and more than 4 digits in the flight number can cause unexpected negative results."

Carrier Code

You also need to have a Carrier Code (sometimes called a Submission Code) to put before your flight numbers.

It is usually your ICAO or IATA designator. If you don't have one of these, TSA will assign you one for the purposes of TSA screening.

In any case, ensure with your PSS/IIR that TSA has registered a valid Carrier Code in their system.

Tail numbers as flight numbers aren't allowed anymore.

Cutover Date

Once you've fulfilled the requirements assigned by your PSS/IIR,

  1. TSA will notify FL3XX and will ask to agree on a go-live date.
  2. Notify FL3XX by email at FL3XX support, too.

You, FL3XX, and TSA will coordinate a date to activate the TSA Screening.

Cutover Process