FuelerLinx is an aviation fuel planning & tankering software system. The program allows to optimize flight operations, automate the fuel purchasing process, and reduce operating costs in one easy-to-manage interface.

FL3XX Dispatch offers a comprehensive fuel management system with the following functionalities in FL3XX Dispatch -> Fuel
  1. FL3XX sends all the trips with Fuel status DO
    1. Operators can then Order and Dispatch fuel in Fuelerlinx
    2. Operators can access related trip information in Fuelerlinx by clicking the Fuelerlinx icon in the Fuel section
  2. Receive Info on orders back to FL3XX - DO status required
    Fuelerlinx order
  3. Receive Fuel Release and other attachments to the Fuel section
    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 11.01.55
  4. Uplift information push: Changing the PostFlight status to OK/green automatically updates the reported fuel uplift in Fuelerlinx.

  5. Operators can track fuel orders with timestamps and status in the Fuel section and Settings. This integration enables operators to work more efficiently and save time.
    FL timestamp

For any further assistance, please contact the FL3XX Customer Care team at support@fl3xx.com.