FRAT (Flight Risk Assessment Tool)

This article details how to setup a FRAT by an Admin in Settings and how to use it on flights



Setting up a FRAT Table in Settings

  • Go to Settings and look for the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) in the Dispatch section
  • DO NOT activate the FRAT until you have the full setup of the table. After set the FRAT Enabled toggle to true

  • The first step is to determine the thresholds according to your operational manual. In order to do this, add the threshold number for the yellow and the red sections. When the flight's status is YELLOW, you will need an approval from an authorized person to operate the flight. If not authorized, you either mitigate the potential risks, or do not operate the flight

  • The next step is to setup the table. You can create a Category, add individual Items within that Category, and for Items that involve multiple choices, you can include Sub-items.
  • Add a Category: 
    • Click on the 'Add Category'
    • Name the Category item

  • Add Items within a Category:
    • Select 'Add item'
    • Add the name of the item and related score
    • If you have multiple single items in a category then select again 'Add item'

  • Add Sub-Items within an Item:
    • Add an Item as described above
    • Make sure you change the Item's score to 0
    • Select 'Sub-Item' and add the first one, such as RWY Cross Wind < 30kt and add the related score
    • Select 'Add Sub-Item' again and add the description such as RWY Cross Wind <50kt 
    • You can add as many Sub-Items as many needed
  • Once you setup the entire table and any time in between, you can save it on the top right Save button
  • Cancelling Categories, Items and Sub-Items, moving them within the table
    • You can delete all three categories anytime, however we would suggest not to make significant changes after the FRAT tool is activated. To delete any of the three categories, select the bin on the left side that appears when hovering over
    • If you delete an Item that has Sub-Items, the system will delete all of them. Also if you delete a category, all items and sub-items will be deleted
    • If you need to reorganize a category, on the left side you can grab and drop items and sub-items

  • Once you are satisfied with the table, you can activate the FRAT tool by setting the FRAT Enabled toggle to true

Using FRAT in Dispatch on Flights

  • You will find the FRAT on the FPL / W&B Page

  • By default the status of the tool is set to OK. Start adding the scores by setting the related toggles to true. While you are setting them, the system auto calculates the totals and changing the status of FRAT accordingly
  • When the score number is over the Flight must be authorized threshold the system changes the status to YELLOW as a warning. To change it to OK, you need to add an authorizing person. Go to Authorized by and search for the person who authorized the flight. You cannot change the toggle, the status only changing when a person is added. You can also add an unlimited text into the Flight Mitigation text box. In the example below, the flight is in the YELLOW area, but since it was authorized the overall status is OK

  • If the overall score is over the RED threshold, it can still be authorized and adding a mitigation text as described above. The overall status will change to OK. 

  • You can redo the FRAT anytime, the principle process is the same as above. If the flight after a review is falling into the Flight is NOT AUTHORIZED category and before had an approval, the system will auto delete the Authorized status and changes the status of the FRAT back to RED to give a warning to dispatchers that the flight is due to the latest changes is not feasible anymore
  • All actions are documented in the history to remain compliant in the Recap / History section of the flight

Utilizing FRAT in the FL3XX Crew App

In the FL3XX Crew App, the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) empowers crew members, especially pilots, with a comprehensive system to evaluate and mitigate flight risk effectively (available soon on Android).

  • Accessing FRAT: To access FRAT, this feature must be activated as explained above. Once activated, you'll find the "FRAT" tab and flight details icon list seamlessly integrated into your flight details. Your "FRAT" tab is located between the W&B and Fuel tabs. Only crew members assigned to a Flight Deck Crew position can make edits.

  • Navigating the FRAT Screen: Upon accessing FRAT, you'll encounter a structured interface displaying categories, item names, sub-items, values, and toggles. The categories and items are fetched exclusively from FRAT web app settings.

  • Assessing Risk: Toggle relevant items within each category to calculate risk. As you make selections, FRAT dynamically calculates the risk score, providing immediate feedback via a visual score bar.

  • Understanding Score Status: FRAT employs color-coded status indicators based on predefined thresholds:
    • Green: Flight authorized
    • Yellow: Flight must be authorized
    • Red: Flight not authorized

  • Authorization and Mitigation: When the risk score exceeds the authorization threshold, FRAT status transitions to "YELLOW." To approve the flight, select the appropriate user in the "Authorized by" field. Upon user selection, the 'Authorized' toggle automatically switches to true, displaying a green "Flight authorized" status along with a timestamp. If you toggle "Authorized by" to false, the associated user is removed. Additionally, you can input flight mitigation details as needed.

  • Additional Features: A "Clear all" button is available to reset selections and values, ensuring efficient use of the tool. Robust data synchronization mechanisms maintain consistency across devices.


FRAT report - available on BRIGHT

Users have the ability to access their flight list along with the corresponding FRAT score, Flight Mitigation Notes, and records of who authorized the flight. To view this report, simply navigate to the Dispatch Reports section under the BRIGHT tab on the Reports page.

From there, utilize the BRIGHT Controls to filter by flight numbers, booking ID, or takeoff dates.

Access to this report is exclusive to users with an active BRIGHT subscription.