ForeFlight is a cloud-based flight planning software available on both desktop and mobile.

If you are subscribed to ForeFlight's Dispatch product, you can instantly send your flights to ForeFlight Dispatch or directly to crew.


With ForeFlight enabled you have the option to choose whether the Flight Plan will be created by Dispatch or the Crew:

  • If you select Flight Plan by Dispatch, the flight syncs to ForeFlight Dispatch for further processing. The flight will not be available to pilots unless released in ForeFlight.
  • If you select Flight Plan by Crew, the flight syncs to ForeFlight Dispatch and My Flight of the respective crew.

The following flight data is automatically pushed from FL3XX to ForeFlight:

  • Aircraft registration (tail)
  • Flight number (as a callsign)
  • Scheduled departure dates and times
  • Departure and arrival airports along with alternate airports
  • Flight Rule
  • Type of flight (G, M, S...)
  • Flight level
  • Crew (1 PIC, 1 SIC, cabin attendants; other crew types are displayed as cabin attendants in ForeFlight)
  • Number of passengers
  • Weight of cargo + pets + passenger baggage (one total number in Kg or lbs)

Initially, the data is synced every 20 minutes. However, once you've started processing a given flight in ForeFlight, further changes to the flight in FL3XX will not be synced to ForeFlight.

You can trigger an immediate sync action manually by the “Upload to ForeFlight” button in DISPATCH →  Flight Plan.


NavLog and Briefing 

FL3XX can also download the NavLog and Briefing directly from ForeFlight using the following steps:

  1. Enable the 2-way integration setting in ForeFlight settings.
  2. Make sure the flight has been submitted (and processed) in ForeFlight.
  3. Go to the FPL panel in Dispatch and click "Sync NAV LOG" and/or "Sync ForeFlight Briefing".
  4. Documents will be automatically downloaded and attached. You can always update them if necessary by clicking the "Update button".
  5. When downloaded, they will be also attached to the Crew Briefing among other attachments.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 10.33.14


Upload documents from FL3XX to ForeFlight

You can choose numerous documents to upload to ForeFlight for inclusion in your crew briefing.

To determine the documents you wish to send to ForeFlight, go to Settings → Integrations →  ForeFlight →  ForeFlight Upload Documents and select your desired documents.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 14.19.38


To send your documents, click the "Upload documents to ForeFlight" button in Dispatch -> Crew panel -> Briefing.


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 14.21.54

You will find these documents uploaded in the Files section on each leg

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 09.47.40 


To activate this integration, please contact both ForeFlight and FL3XX.

The integration has to be set on both sides.

At ForeFlight, contact your usual point of contact and ask for enabling the integration with FL3XX. Alternatively, email ForeFlight at

Once you confirm with ForeFlight, you can generate the API key by logging into Dispatch, selecting "API Console" in the top right corner, and clicking "Generate API key" (see screenshot).


At FL3XX, email us at Please note that this is a paid service. Monthly fees may apply. 

You can insert the API Key by yourself in the Settings -> Integrations -> ForeFlight or you can send it to us.



All settings for ForeFlight are in SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS / FOREFLIGHT.

  1. Enable ForeFlight Integration: Enables/disables all subsequent functions
  2. ForeFlight Api Key: Enter your key you've received from ForeFlight for this purpose
  3. ForeFlight Hours Upload: Uploads the aircraft schedule for the next "nn" hours into ForeFlight Dispatch and/or My Flights, respectively.
    Recommended value: 48
  4. Aircraft: Select and store the aircraft registrations which you set up and use in ForeFlight
  5. Activate the 2-way communication: it allows to sync Nav Log and Briefing from ForeFlight in the FPL panel
  6. ForeFlight status: Indicates the latest data exchange, status and errors

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 10.34.36