FL3XX Information Sources

This article explains the source of information of FL3XX:

1. Currency Exchange Rate

  • We source official exchange rates from a widely used API, https://exchangeratesapi.io/
  • Exchange Rates are refreshed daily
  • The Exchange Rate on the day of its creation is stored with every quote

2. Day & Time


4. Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP)

  • From our integration with Eurocontrol

5. Airports

From Aviowiki 

  • Opening Hours
  • Runway Length
  • Name (currently apply to American airports only) 
  • Served city (currently apply to American airports only)
  • Timezone, Latitude, Longitude
  • ICAO/ IATA/ FAA codes 
  • State 

From FL3XX Internal Source 

  • Slot Office Emails 
  • Customs Emails 
  • Addresses


  • From our integration with Eurocontrol

7. "Universal Weather" Data

In Airport Module, there are vendors like ground handlers, FBOs caterers, hotels, and transportation services