With the DocuSign integration, you don't need to leave your FL3XX instance to send a contract. Instead, you can send it directly from FL3XX, and your customer can choose to use DocuSign or to sign traditionally.

A. How it works

In the Sign step of the Sales Workflow (the step where you send the contract), you will see an eSign button in the body of the email.

(Only if there is a Customer or Account with an email)

After receiving the email, the customer can just click the eSign button and it will open the contract in DocuSign, or open the pdf attached to the email to sign manually.

If the costumer choses to sign the contract with DocuSign, you will immediately get a notification in the conversation, just like any other email, and it will appear in the history of the booking

B. Why not do a short walkthrough?

DocuSign - Demo

C. How to enable DocuSign

  1. Contact and let us know about your interest in Docusign.
  2. Our team will adjust your sales templates*, and make them compatible with DocuSign. (*this service comes with a cost.)
  3. Get a subscription in DocuSign. Choose the eSignature subscription that best fits your needs. Check the pricing information here.
  4. Once your templates are adjusted, simply find DocuSign in
    Settings > Integrations, click "Connect DocuSign" and login with your account. Then, you will see "Connection Status: OK".

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 12.58.50-1