With our DOCS module, you can upload, manage and distribute your operational documents, manuals and more.

   Creating a Folder is a simple process where you can name it, include sub-folders or documents, and set a validity time range if needed.
  Afterwards, generate a Management List for your Staff, where you can add them by role or individually. By selecting the appropriate box, all individuals within that list will be shown in the Report section, offering detailed reading information to guarantee compliance with your relevant CAA.
  Next, you can notify them to read the document. Once the email is sent, the date will appear in the Notified column. Once they have marked it as Read, this will be displayed in the Read column, as shown below:
   If the Staff listed in the Report section have not marked the documents as read, you have the option to resend the notification or set up automated reminders using the following setting:
  Furthermore, your Staff have the ability to access and download their documents seamlessly through the FL3XX Crew and FL3XX Dispatch Apps.
Q: Which users have access to the "All Docs" section?
A: Users having one of the following access rights: Accountable Manager / Administrator / Administrator+Airports / Flight Ops / Manager / Multi Access / Post Holder.
Q: Where can I access the documents that have been shared with me?
A: You can access the documents shared with you in the "My Docs" section, either through the WebApp or on the Mobile Crew App.
Q: Which users can see the shared documents?
A: Accounting / All Crew Accesses / Dispatch(External) / Dispatch/Ops / Guardian/KAM / HR / HR+Training / Office Staff / Sales / Sales Read / Training. Other Access Rights users than these, doesn't have DOCS page access.
To enable DOCS, please contact support@fl3xx.com.