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Dispatch | Electronic Flight Log and Maintenance Entry Tracking

In the Post Flight section of a Flight in Dispatch the system tracks the either by the crew, or by dispatch added entries which are the following:

  • OOOI - Out - Off - On - In, or Blocks Off, Take Off, Landing, Blocks On times
  • Number of Actual PAX
  • Opening, or Closing of a Duty Period, the system does this automatically based on previous and next rest and previous flights, however the user can also set those values
  • Take Off / Landing, Night / Day by which cockpit crew member
  • Based on these data the system auto-calculates the Block / Flight Times, both in hours/minutes, or in US tenth based on the related setting and assigns to the crew members based on the Authority requirements of the AOC
  •  The system auto calculates based on the times and added landings the Maintenance Cycles, Landings and Hours of the Mainframe, Engines and Hobbs. The system also updated the additional equipment times based on manual data entry such as the APU
  • The user can add any Cargo weight, Occurrence, FMS Update, or SAFA Ramp Check. Also can attach as many documents of the flight as many needed
  • In the Fuel section the system auto-calculates the Initial Fuel based on the last closed flight, the user can add the fuel figures to come to On-Block Fuel which will be the Initial Fuel on the next flight. Recently we also added the Arrival fuel parameters, where any on arrival upload can also be added.