Datalink/ACARS Movement Message Processing

FL3XX can process automatic movement messages received from your aircraft systems. FL3XX will pre-fill OOOI times in the post-flight, reducing data entry for pilots and error potential.

Available Providers

  • ARINCdirect (some Aircraft support only takeoff and landing)
  • Hermes
  • Honeywell
  • Satcom Direct


FL3XX can automatically process your aircraft movement messages (Off-Block, Takeoff, Landing, On-Block). When a movement email is received, FL3XX will read its content and pre-fill the OOOI times in the Dispatch -> MVT panel and Post-Flight panel.

These times are synched to the crew apps, so when the pilots open the app after a flight they will see the times already pre-filled. This reduces the amount of data to be entered and helps to avoid errors.


In order to activate this service for you, please contact

We will create a dedicated email alias. You need to add this alias as a CC to the emails that you receive from Datalink/ACARS so that FL3XX will receive them. FL3XX will then read them and update your aircraft movements instantly.

After activation, you will find the email address in FL3XX -> Settings -> Integrations -> [PROVIDER]. Please enter it in your Datalink provider's platform for Off-Block / On-Block and Takeoff / Landing.