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D DATA (Persons & Accounts) FL3XX US

A guide to compiling Persons and Accounts data for North American operators onboarding FL3XX.

These two sheets that connect to one another concern importing Persons and Accounts into FL3XX. 

For all Excel onboarding files, please remember:
  • All dates for any North American company should be in the form: MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Rows that have an orange side marking are required - we cannot build the profile without them!
  • Rows that do not have orange side markings are not required, but the more data you provide, the better FL3XX can serve you.
  • For any non-required field that is not applicable or you do not have relevant data to submit, leave blank.
  • If your system warns it is blocking Excel Macros, that is not a problem.

D DATA: Overview

Special considerations for D DATA:

  • For this data file, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) instead of an orange bar. 
  • Dates need to be in MM/DD/YYYY format - there are many dates in D DATA!
  • Countries should be written out as exemplified in the orange cells that have drop down options:
    • United States is correct ✅
    • USA is incorrect ❌
  • Roles are mandatory for PERSONS - see below.

We will import all of the ACCOUNTS that you do business with.  This may include brokerage firms, corporate entities, government agencies, etc.  

We will also import all of the PERSONS that are related to your operation.  This may include pilots, accountants, brokers, customers, passengers, etc.   


PERSONS can and should be linked to ACCOUNTS.  A brokerage firm is an ACCOUNT that will have several brokers (PERSONS) linked to it. 

The way that we link PERSONS and ACCOUNTS in FL3XX is via the Account Number field - which is listed on both sheets.  For a PERSON to be linked to an ACCOUNT, the correct Account Number should be entered into that column for their row, as illustrated below:

Persons Accounts link

This means that in the ACCOUNTS sheet, none of the Account Numbers should be repeated - they are a unique identifier for the ACCOUNT.  But in the PERSONS sheet, Account Numbers will be duplicated, as multiple people may be linked to the same ACCOUNT. 

Number Systems

Account Numbers can be 1 digit to 5 digits. If you already have an Account Number system, you can use it if you are confident each number is unique to its account.  If you do not have a system, you can simply have increasing numbers down the ACCOUNT sheet.  Example: Account Numbers increase from 1001 - 1522.

Personnel Numbers in the PERSONS sheet are not related to linking PERSONS and ACCOUNTS.  They are not required, but can be used to continue or begin a numbering system for your staff. 

ExternalReference is an open field where you can track where this data came from.  It is not required. 


Roles are extremely important in FL3XX!

The Role column is towards the end of the PERSONS sheet.  

As mentioned above, PERSONS can be customers, passengers, crew, staff, contract workers, and more!  How are these groups distinguished in FL3XX?  Roles!

Every PERSON should have a Role and the below tables can help you choose:

Staff Role Options


Onboard Engineer

Flight Attendant







Flight Release**

  Cabin Attendant  

External Staff Role Options

Owner Hired Pilot

Owner Hired Flight Attendant

Freelance Pilot

Freelance Flight Attendant

Contract Pilot


Subcharter Crew  

Customer Role Options






Other Role Options

Pax Owner

(There is one more category for medical workers.)

**Flight Release Role does not determine whether a person can release flights or not - it is only to identify PERSONS whose sole or primary duty is releasing flights. 

The bolded roles are the most common roles. 

Be sure to use the drop-down in the example orange cell to use the correct formatting when designating Roles in the sheet!

A DATA Fields: Frequently Asked Questions


Salutation is required, there is the option "-" if salutations are not utilized. 

Job Title

Job title is a free text field for record-keeping purposes and display.  As such, if there is not perfect consistency among groups, this will only affect display, not functionality.  


Acronym is for crew members only.  It is usually a three-letter code that distinguishes them at a glance.  The acronyms should be unique to each person.  Avoid the acronyms: AND, NOT, and OR


Aircraft is for crew members only.  Listing tail numbers in this column makes the crew member "tail-assigned" to them - but they can still be crewed on other aircrafts if they are qualified.