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E DATA (Crew Qualifications) Fine-Tuning FL3XX US

How to configure your crew qualifications tree after the basic structure is established

Once the onboarding team has helped you create the structure of your crew qualifications tree, it is time to fine-tune each standard qualification so that is behaves appropriately.  

Fine-tuning is needed for "standard" qualifications.  Standard qualifications include all items in the tree except:

  • Tree section headings (Crew Members, Pilot 135, etc.), which are in bold 
  • Type ratings and differences headings, which are in bold 
  • FAA Medical Class 1 and Class 2, which contain age logic 
  • Other assignments, such as Training Captain

Examples of standard qualifications include: Pilot License, Radio License, SMS Training, 135.299, Competency Check, etc.  

To fine-tune standard qualifications, navigate to Settings -> Licenses to view the tree. 

The following seven items in the qualification profile need to be considered:

Fine Tune Guide

Other, less common functionalities will be covered in FL3XX Crew Compliance training. 

To read more about the Crew Training module, visit: Crew Training Module