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Cosmic Radiation Exposure Calculation

For Cosmic Radiation Exposure, we deploy a conservative approach. This makes sure that in uncertainty, calculated values are always worst-case values. This approach will result in higher calculated radiation than actually experienced, but as a typical business aviation pilot does not come close to regulatory radiation limits, this will not impede the operations of the airline.

The calculation is based on these factors:

  1. For any given flight, we take the higher absolute value of latitude and assume the whole flight happens there (being conservative); for latitudes between 0° and 60° we interpolate linearly, above 60° we use the value for 60°.
  2. For any given flight we assume the whole flight time is spent at Cruise Level except for 20min climb and 20min descent, where we calculate half the exposure of the Cruise Level; for calculation purposes, we subtract 40min from the total flight time and calculate everything else at Cruise Level.
  3. To be conservative on the cruise level, we select the next higher altitude. 

You can view and extract the report from REPORT -> Crew -> Cosmic Radiation. 


Cosmic Radiation