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Auto tracking PIC vs. SIC times and landings. Night hours and Augmented Crew Time Tracking

This article explains how FL3XX auto calculates pilot flight times and landings, also how Night hours and pilot times in case of an augmented crew can be added

In order to correctly auto calculate and log the pilot flight times an administrator needs to setup the system in the Settings. The below settings can be found under the Dispatch section of the Configuration.

The following four settings need to be set according to the user's needs:

  • Post Flight Pilot Flight Time Allocation. The drop down values are US, EU and AUG Percentage. Below are how the calculations are done with the different values:
    • If US is selected the system will auto allocate PIC time to the PIC and PIC time to the SIC, IF the SIC is PIC Type Rated. If the SIC has SIC Type Rating only, the system adds SIC time
    • If EU is selected, the system auto allocates the flight time to the PIC as PIC time and SIC time to the SIC
    • The AUG Percentage is not to be used, it is a one operator specific setting
  •  Post Flight Pilot Flight Time Allocation: set the date to the first day when you 100% live with FL3XX and you start collecting the related data
  • Post Flight Pilot Flight Time Editable: set the setting true, if you allow pilots to edit their flight times on their mobile devices. Also set it true if the above US, or EU settings do not cover 100% your internal procedures
  • Calculate Day/Night Landing & Takeoff in Post Flight: You can set this to:
    • Manual: if selected the system will not add any landings in the Post Flight and the crew needs to add the correct values
    • US: if it is set to US, the system follows the FAA day/night calculation (one hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise)
    • EU: if selected this setting, the system will calculate according to the EASA day/night rules

Please note the following:

  • The system auto allocates the night / day landing to the PIC by default. If the SIC was the pilot flying the crew need to change the values
  • The above auto calculation only apply on a two member crew. If the flight was operated by an augmented crew, they need to add their flight times individually
  •  The system does not automatically tracks night times, instrument times, Approach types, visual approaches and holds. However the crew can add all those values in the Post Flight / Crew Flight Time &Approaches section. The system also reports on these values in the Logging Report