Argus is a safety and risk-management / auditing service. FL3XX allows you to upload pilot data (licences, flight hours, etc) in order to produce valid audits for each flight.


If Argus is enabled, you will see an Argus - Panel in the Qualifications tree and Staff.

We upload two types of pilot-related data:

  • pilot flight hours (with no user manual intervention) and the
  • license-related data for which the users can specify in the Qualifications tree a correspondent to Argus licenses template or a Type Rating (make sure you link correctly your qualifications with the templates recognised by Argus from the existing drop-down list).


Make sure that the main Pilot License has a Number and an Authority allocated as that info is used by Argus to match the Issuing and Governing authority.

Once this is done and data is detected for the relevant data, when users click on the “Data Preview” button in Staff they will get a preview of the data to be uploaded to Agus.

This will include also the employment type setup in the Staff page, if crew has had any sanctions in the past 5 years, or if they had incidents or accidents.


You can upload single pilots to Argus by clicking the Argus icon.

You can upload all pilots with the “Sync with Argus” button in the Settings/Admin Operators Settings/Integrations/Argus (auto sync runs once per day at 01:00 at operator's timezone).


All settings for Argus can be found in Settings/Admin Operators Settings/Integrations/Argus:

  1. Argus Integration main checkbox (to enable or disable)
  2. Argus Subscription Key: Enter the Key you received from Argus (currently 


  3. Argus Username: Enter the username you received from Argus
  4. Argus Password: Enter the password you received from Argus
  5. Argus URL: Enter the Argus URL as provided (currently
  6. Argus Status: check for the last sync status details and a list of errors produced.

Please note that all errors are coming from Argus so they are not produced by FL3XX.


Common Errors and How To Resolve

  • Pilot could not be matched to an existing pilot
    • Check that this pilot is on your roster in CHEQ. Log in to CHEQ to find the 'My Operations' section on your homepage. Click to 'View' your operation. If the pilot is not already listed, use the 'Add Pilot' button to add the pilot in CHEQ and resolve.
    • If the pilot is already on your roster, check that First Name, Last Name, and Certificate Number match. If not, please update whichever system is incorrect so they match. First Name, Last Name, and Certificate Number should match what's showing on the pilot's certificate.
    • If everything matches and you are still receiving this error, log in to CHEQ to make sure the pilot has a Governing & Issuing Authority Country selected. Make sure this country matches what's showing in your scheduling program.
  • Flight hours are less than the current Argus value
    • This indicates an hours discrepancy to be resolved. Please reconcile and either correct the hours in your scheduling program or authorize an override in CHEQ
      • Click the red 'Override ARGUS Flight Times' button and confirm. Once confirmed, this error should be resolved for the next sync.

Other upload errors:

400 - a generic setup error where some or all setup fileds are either missing or wrong


401 - an authentication error (the login credentials are not recognised by Argus)


Note: this is a paid feature. To enable it please contact