Aircrew Dosimetry (ACD) Integration

FL3XX integrates with ACD to calculate, monitor and report air crews' exposure to cosmic radiation.

About ACD

Aircrew Dosimetry (ACD) is a third party provider to calculate, monitor, and report cosmic radiation exposure of air crews. ACD uses its own proprietary computer software to accurately calculate the radiation exposure of commercial aircrews.

ACD is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and is widely accepted in regions where cosmic ray dose tracking is mandatory or recommended. Virtually in every EU country as well as in Switzerland. ACD offers tailored service levels to precisely match your regional requirements and seamlessly integrates with FL3XX services for an entirely “hands off” customer experience.

The Integration

Once connected, ACD will retrieve all pilot activity (flights, proceedings) via our API and calculate the exposure through Helios, their proprietary system. 

Doses for each crew member are calculated on a monthly or quarterly basis. The report is provided to the operator, and filed with the respective dose registry.

Data that is transferred via the API:

  • departure and destination airports
  • takeoff and landing times
  • maximum planned flight level
  • assigned crew members

Get Started

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