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A DATA (General & AOC) - FL3XX International

A guide to compiling General & AOC data for International operators onboarding FL3XX.

This data sheet concerns general and AOC data.  

For all Excel onboarding files, please remember:
  • All dates for any International company should be in the form: DD.MM.YYYY.
  • Rows that have an orange side marking are required - we cannot build input the profile without them!
  • Rows that do not have orange side markings are not required, but the more data you provide, the better FL3XX can serve you.
  • For any non-required field that is not applicable or you do not have relevant data to submit, leave blank.
  • If your system warns it is blocking Excel Macros, that is not a problem.

A DATA Fields: Frequently Asked Questions

Name vs. Legal Form
Name is an important field - it will be the name of your FL3XX environment and will be pulled into several external templates.  For instance, on the Quote document, this name will show under the Prepared by: ________ section. 

Legal Form is a place to put your legal business name, and will be pulled into the footer of the Quote and signature lines. 

For some operators, Name and Legal Form will be the same.  That is okay!

System Emails From

FL3XX sends you, the customer, emails (such as notifications).  For emails that are clearly related to Sales or Ops, FL3XX utilizes the Sales or Ops addresses as the sender address. But for emails that are cross-departmental, FL3XX utilizes the System Emails From address.  

System Emails From will be the sender address of cross-departmental emails (does not affect who will receive these emails).

Examples: info@flycharter.com, charter@flycharter.com, frontdesk@flycharter.com


FL3XX has a timezones bar at the top of all pages to showcase different world times.  This is customizable!  Simply list the 4-6 cities you would like to see the time zone for in addition to UTC.  This is for display purposes only. 

Example:UTC, Vienna, Dubai, Australia, Paris, Singapore

AOC: Flight Prefix

This is an option to have different a different flight number prefix by AOC.  Unless you are interested in having different flight number prefixes depending on the AOC, leave blank.  The option to have custom flight numbers on the operator-level exists and is set elsewhere.