Learn how to automate your BizAv workflow with FL3XX

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Stefan Oberender

As a co-founder and COO of FL3XX Stefan will talk you through all the basic functionalities of modern Business Aviation Management. The FL3XX app will be used as a basis, giving you clear insights in how your Sales, Ops, Crew, Maintenance and Reports can be automated.

Learn how your company can save 50% on its overhead with BizAv automation.

Get to know more about the key functions of the FL3XX platform from the FL3XX co-founder and COO Stefan Oberender.

In 30 minutes you will learn about...

Modern BizAv automation

Learn what it means to have your data online and synced. How your entire team works with the same data and how easy it is to integrate with existing services.


Manage your BizAv sales in a fast and reliable way. From the automated booking forms that you can implement on any website, to the perfect integrations with platforms like Avinode and RocketRoute.


Imagine your complete dispatch checklist in one single screen. Manage your airport slots, assigned crew, passenger preferences and much more in a single instant.


Rostering has never been so straight forward. Manage airplanes and crew with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and automatically sync it with your calendars.


Receive automatic warnings when maintenance is due and licenses are expired. Keep track of all your documentation in one system.


Effective managements relies on accurate data. Download default reports directly from the system, or make your own custom reports.

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