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Brand new FL3XX trainings

We understand how you work and we help you with lots of tips and process suggestions to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

With this training your team takes full advantage of all the tools available on the FL3XX platform.

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Organizing a Training Session

We recommend to take up some training initially as part of the onboarding process and from time to time because it improves your team's skills and lets them work faster, taking full advantage of all the tools available on the FL3XX platform.
After we do a training, we see an improvement in the teams that participated both in speed and in personal satisfaction.  We also see a stronger relationship with the FL3XX team and our support department. 

The trainings are generally held in English. However, alternative languages are selectable based on the availability of an adequate trainer.

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Full day training

A full day is typically what is required for a team to review the entire set of processes, try out several special cases and build confidence with the tool.
For larger teams we recommend to take more days of training. Depending on the attendees, a training should not comprise more than 5 persons.
We offer the training on-site or online. On-site is clearly more effective and participants get best value from the time invested.  Online is always possible might be easier to organize.

2-hour session

A second option for training is a 2-hour session. Typically this is done online, live with one of our trainers.  
There are several ways to benefit from a 2 hour training.  We don't recommend having more than 2 people on a short session. This training is tailored for new employees, as a team refresher, or for managers.
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