The Case for an Integrated Aviation Management Platform

The Case for an Integrated Aviation Management Platform

WRITTEN BY ON February 17, 2021.

Life is easier when you operate, say, an online shop. Comparatively cheap off-the-shelf software allows you to automate almost your entire operations. Shopify for the webshop hooked up with Salesforce for your Customer Relation Management, a couple of support systems for payments, etc. and you’re done. You can scale enormously based on that infrastructure.

If you run a medium-sized to a large factory, your operations are mostly implemented in SAP. Not as pain-free and cheap as the online shop, but hey – you have an integrator to take care of that, and the budgets to pay for it.

Too bad you are running an airline – or rather, a business jet operation. Your demands are far higher than that. You are not selling a single standard product. Quite the contrary – every flight you sell is pretty unique. Subject to lead time, aircraft availability, crew duty times, permits, slots, 1000s of factors. You are a boutique – delivering a bespoke service to very demanding customers.

Unlike any other vertical, in business aviation, sales and operations are entangled in several loops. Non-trivial loops that change dynamically with every event. Already when quoting you need to close these loops to figure out the price and feasibility of that flight. Do you need a double crew? Is there maintenance planned for the aircraft? Do you have a pilot that is qualified to fly the Mustang to Samedan? Is he on duty?

And what does your infrastructure look like to win this game of 3D-chess? Perhaps, a scheduling software from the 90s (with an even older user interface). A couple of Excel sheets spread out through your departments. Siloing information, making every operational change a challenge, as you copy & paste relevant changes downstream across your organization. Topped off with a number of Post Its and checklists so you don’t forget the country bands for the UK Air Passenger Duty.

Don’t worry – we know. We replace between 5 and 50 standalone tools in every operator we onboard. 

With that infrastructure, you struggle on a daily basis to keep up with all the changes. You send briefings as pdf (you’re long beyond the paper age), and wait for the return flight envelopes. Or maybe you already have an EFB that collects the data electronically, and you only have to copy &  paste it to a handful of other systems.

But where do you look to transform your business into a 21st-century knowledge management champion? In a niche market with complex demands, there is no all-encompassing solution like Salesforce or SAP. Or better: There was! 

FL3XX fixes that! FL3XX is an integrated management system for business aviation operators. We combine the best Sales platform in BizAv with the best Scheduling & Dispatch Platform in BizAv. On top of, we integrate several ancillary modules like Aircraft Maintenance, Crew Control, and CRM, and provide you one complete solution with no open loops.

We even take it a step further and connect hundreds of other software systems like marketplaces, flight planning tools, fuel providers, accounting systems, limousines, … you name it.

How is that for an infrastructure? How about your Sales knowing in real-time, at what time the crews can start their duty tomorrow? How about your Dispatchers getting a notification when passengers are boarding and your crew scanning passports for last-minute passengers? How about software that supports, integrates, and automates your entire operation?

This is FL3XX and much more. Just what is standard in almost any other industry. Is your airline ready to be fully digital?

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