Easy Crew Control

Use the drag-and-drop functionality to roster your crew in seconds and automatically sync it with you calendars.
With clear color codings, filter your preferred views, manage required qualifications, review crew data from IDs, visas, vaccinations, to general licenses, aircraft and airport licenses.

When you roster, your FTL information will appear automatically for every single crew member. FL3XX carefully matches the rule set in your Operations Manual, to make sure that your FTLs are always accurate. Even if you have different rules for different AOCs.

With the FL3XX Crew app, there’s no need for static briefing packages. Your crew is able to look up and request duty times, view logs, licenses, endorsements, and tons of operational information. And all information is flawlessly synced whenever you make a change on your FL3XX dashboard.

Crew control has never been easier.

Automatic FTL calculation, crew FDP, and DP are simultaneously displayed along with the crew roster for more efficient crew planning.

Licenses Management: Manage your training programs and stay on tpo of your crews’ licenses, trainings, qualifications and endorsements

Enable your crews to track expenses directly in the Crew App! check the related flight expenses in the office before the plane touches down.

Keep your crew in the loop with all the information they need and log Post-Flight data.


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