Manage your BizAv sales fast and reliable.

Let customers request a quote in seconds. And reply in seconds.

Your customers can request a quote directly from your website with the FL3XX booking widget. You get a notification on your FL3XX dashboard and can respond to any quote requests in a matter of seconds, with a precise price calculation and integrated feasibility check. And did we mention that all your professional documents are generated automatically?

A built-in CRM

With a built-in CRM you can keep perfect track of your customers. See what the successful quoting ratio is per customer, find their contact details at first glance, and your automated and personal emails directly from the FL3XX dashboard.

Incredible workflow and collaboration

Our team is continuously in touch with FL3XX users to make sure that all your workarounds are eliminated. Forget about separate post-its and random emails. Your information is carefully stored in a database and handled over a clear dashboard. Not just for your sales department, but for all your departments.

Work wherever you are

The entire FL3XX suite enables you and your team wherever you are. Your toolkit to manage your sell flights is always in your pocket. Make that sale while on the train, change a flight schedule on your couch, or have a last look at some reports before you enter that meeting. Learn more about the Sales app.

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Answering your

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in FL3XX?

FL3XX is a full-size managed workflow platform handling the entire sequence from incoming flight requests, all the way to crew post-flight operations completed. FL3XX goes all the way on your Sales Workflow from request to invoice, including subcharter. It covers your whole operations department, including Crew Training, Licences Management, Maintenance Tracking. To complement your work, it also integrates dozens of external services.


Can I integrate FL3XX with my CRM system?

FL3XX is a CRM system and we are constantly adding features to improve this aspect of the platform. If you are looking for more sophisticated sales, marketing and CRM systems we can integrate with any modern ones such as HubSpot or PipeDrive. We have some experience that we can share with you.

Do you offer training packages?

Yes, absolutely. Although our platform is very easy to use, it’s a good idea to have some hands-on training to gain proficiency quickly and cut down hours of work to minutes. You can book one or more days on-site training with our specialists.

We also provide a quick primer for your newly hired reqruits; A 2-hour online session to bring them up to speed.

Are taxes added automatically when quoting or closing a sale?

Yes, national taxes are automatically calculated and included. Just forget about them. There's no need to figure out particular tax rules for UK, France, Italy and many other countries. Our unique tax calculator is also featured on and on 

Do you offer 24/7 support?

We are adamant about this. We know the worst problems arise at the wrong time, so we make it a point to be available around the clock for our customers.

FL3XX offers H24/365 support for all customers who want peace of mind.

Has your platform been approved by authorities?

Yes. FL3XX is approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Malta and Greece. There are ongoing approval processes with CAAs in other EMEA countries.

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FL3XX is an API-driven platform designed to automate tasks and save an incredible amount of your time, effort, and money.

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