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The reporting section of FL3XX contains a many default reporting templates that are continuously improved. In an instant, you are able to get actual reports for sales, ops, accounting, rostering and maintenance.

Create custom reports

If the FL3XX reporting section doesn't contain the specific report that you're looking for, you can easily make your own reports and reuse them whenever necessary.

Owner reports

Give your plane owners unique insights in how their planes are used. With clear and presentable block times, revenue, occupancy and destination information.

Connect to your accounting system

Want to take your reporting up a notch? FL3XX offers the possibility to connect your accounting system, so that all your data is synced without a worry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in FL3XX?

FL3XX is a full-size managed workflow platform handling the entire sequence from incoming flight requests, all the way to crew post-flight operations completed. FL3XX goes all the way on your Sales Workflow from request to invoice, including subcharter. It covers your whole operations department, including Crew Training, Licences Management, Maintenance Tracking. To complement your work, it also integrates dozens of external services.


Can I integrate FL3XX with my CRM system?

FL3XX is a CRM system and we are constantly adding features to improve this aspect of the platform. If you are looking for more sophisticated sales, marketing and CRM systems we can integrate with any modern ones such as HubSpot or PipeDrive. We have some experience that we can share with you.

Do you offer training packages?

Yes, absolutely. Although our platform is very easy to use, it’s a good idea to have some hands-on training to gain proficiency quickly and cut down hours of work to minutes. You can book one or more days on-site training with our specialists.

We also provide a quick primer for your newly hired reqruits; A 2-hour online session to bring them up to speed.

Can I generate full reports with all cost data and flight data per trip?

With our technology we can create any report. The best way to go about it is to provide us with an example report and we create your report with automated features so that obtaining it becomes a 1-click experience.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

We are adamant about this. We know the worst problems arise at the wrong time, so we make it a point to be available around the clock for our customers.

FL3XX offers H24/365 support for all customers who want peace of mind.

Has your platform been approved by authorities?

Yes. FL3XX is approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Malta and Greece. There are ongoing approval processes with CAAs in other EMEA countries.

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