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"We enable a world where anyone can fly anywhere on short notice. To do this we automate and optimize aviation, starting with an Aviation Management platform for business aviation."

Paolo Sommariva

Co-Founder and CEO

United in the most liveable city on the planet.

We are a diverse group of young people from all over the world, that came together in Vienna to work on an exciting aviation project; FL3XX. We are always eager to meet new additions to the team. Do you think that can be you? Then have a look at our carreers, or write us an unsolicited application!

Complete freedom. Complete responsibility.

That's our key philosophy. And you can see it in everything. We work when we want to, where we want to and how we want. At the same time we feel responsible. We believe our success depends on ourselves, our capacity to ask the good questions, find the answers, and work hard to get the job done.

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Jobs at FL3XX

We’re looking for people to join our international team! Are you interested in an English speaking job in Vienna? If you want to work in a startup environment where opportunities are waiting, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might be exactly what we’re looking for. 
Java Developer (Senior)

Your job is to implement the systems specifications for our Java-based system with a sophisticated web-GUI, accompanied by mobile apps and various interfaces to external systems. In your job you can build on a team of professionals who want to profit from your extensive experience. Your work is focused on the implementation of well defined use cases in close cooperation with the customer and the product manager.

Your main tasks are:

  • Technical requirements analyses, system design and implementation

  • Investigation and preparation of technical decisions

  • Concept, implementation, documentation and test

  • Web centric software development in Java

Your Profile:

  • Degree in software engineering, computer science or comparable domain

  • Six years or more experience in significant Java projects

  • Extensive experience of software development in teams

  • Use of appropriate tools and methods such as Eclipse, Git, Maven, Spring, AngularJS, jQuery, Hibernate, Tomcat, Apache

  • Deep understanding of high performance web applications, J2EE development and relational databases

  • Team player leveraging your seniority and excellence to guide and motivate young developers to success

Java Developer (Junior)
Your job is to implement the systems specifications for the Java-based system with web-GUI, various interfaces an mobile application integration. Your work is focused on the application use cases in close cooperation with the team leader and the entire development team
Your main tasks are:
  • Requirements analyses, system design and development of conceptual solutions

  • Conception, implementation, documentation and tests

  • Object oriented software development in Java/J2EE

Your Profile:

  • Excellent degree in the domain (e.g. IT, Software Engineering, …)

  • Project experience in Java/J2EE development and databases

  • Experience in software development in teams and the use of appropriate tools and methods (Eclipse, Spring, AngularJS, Hibernate, Tomcat, Apache)

Blockchain Developer
Your job is to design a platform for a set of functions for the aviation market. You will work with the management team and the dev team to develop the concept which will be based on blockchain technology. You will then lead the implementation and leverage the dev team for this project.

Your main tasks are:

  • Application architecture & design
  • Backend implementation
  • Integration with other in-house web & mobile applications
  • Technical requirements analyses, system design and implementation
  • Investigation and preparation of technical decisions
  • Concept, implementation, documentation and test
  • Blockchain software development
Your Profile:
  • Teamwork, leadership and project management capabilities
  • Knowledge of software engineering, computer science or comparable domain
  • Use of appropriate tools and methods
DevOps engineer
We’re looking for talented DevOps Engineer with an expertise on AWS, containerisation, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, Virtualisation, automated deployment and scripting.

As a DevOps Engineer, you should have an understanding of the continuous deployment mindset (infrastructure-as-code and security-as-code), and apply test-driven development to infrastructure.

You will be responsible for building, operating, configuring and maintaining our server infrastructure and automating service deployments.


  • Design, set up and maintain deployment systems
  • Design, set up and interrogate system monitoring
  • Improve and optimise existing system infrastructure
  • Implement best-practice access control and system security
  • Identify and resolve uptime, performance and scalability issues
  • Take ownership of problems and get stuff done
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology developments
Core Technologies: CentOS, Docker, Jenkins, Maven

We’re especially fond of people who:

  • Focus on project goals.
  • Iterate until customers love what you’ve built, and pay for it.
  • Have a hacker mindset and master the fine art of balancing time, features, and quality of code. You know when to unit test and when to “just ship it”.
  • Strive to grow personally and professionally, beyond just expanding technical abilities.
  • Love to experiment with new technology and share knowledge with the team.

If you feel attracted to this profile but don’t think you’ve got all we’re asking for, DO COME FORWARD! We’re looking for challengers who like to take up new projects and learn along the way. Our idea is that drive is stronger than experience.

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Product & Project Manager

Your job is to support the software development team to understand and comply with aviation rules, terminology and workflows. You will manage the requirement specifications and test intermediate versions of the software. You will discuss requirements with customers (business jet operators and airlines). You will also spearhead support to customers. This is a comprehensive role in collaboration with senior management. You must understand how FL3XX’s platform works. In your job you may travel to see customers anywhere. The job requires energy, initiative and drive.

Your knowledge of airlines and business aviation is a fundamental asset in this position.

Your main tasks are:

  • Manage software requirement specifications

  • Support customers in using the software

  • Train users

  • Test the software

  • Oversee conformance of software to aviation standards

  • Discuss features with business jet operators and airlines

  • Support management in decision making

  • Participate in customer sales meetings

Your Profile:

  • Good communications skills

  • Knowledge of EASA and FAA regulations

  • A dispatch licence is a plus

  • Dispatch experience is an even bigger plus

  • A flight license is also a plus

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