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RocketRoute, Flight Planning.

RocketRoute is a flight planning tool.


RocketRoute is a flight planning tool.


If RocketRoute is enabled, the aircraft schedule will be automatically synchronized from FL3XX to RocketRoute.

  • Calculation based on ATC Routing (Airway + Waypoints)
  • Calculation avoiding FIR’s (if needed)
  • Considers a wind component (forecasted or historical. Historical if forecasted not available)


All settings for RocketRoute are in SETTINGS / RocketRoute.

  • RocketRoute Username: Enter the username you received from RocketRoute
  • RocketRoute Password: Enter the password you received from RocketRoute
  • Routing FIRs to avoid: Enter FIRs you want to avoid in the Auto-Routing accessible from the Sales Page. Multiple FIRs can be entered, separated with single space.
  • RocketRoute PreProcess: For faster load times check the tickbox.
  • RocketRoute PreProcess Min FT: Below the min flight time setup PreProcessing will not be initiated

How to Generate RocketRoute Calculation

  1. Go to the Sales Page
  2. Enter and verify the flight's itinerary
  3. Click on the RocketRoute icon