FL3XX supports remote working during the COVID-19 crisis

FL3XX supports remote working during the COVID-19 crisis

WRITTEN BY Paolo Sommariva ON March 19, 2020.

FL3XX aviation management platform provides a full solution for aviation businesses to work online. Every user can work from the office, from home, or from anywhere. There are no downsides for working out of the office, and the efficiency is at the usual high level.

COVID-19 changed nothing in the way we work

At FL3XX, we deeply believe in working online. Since 2012 we don’t use email internally. Never. We use many online systems to do our daily jobs and ensure that we support our customers 24/7. We are also super-efficient and effective, the tools we use to give each of us superpowers! Among the many tools we work with, you find Asana, Slack, Zendesk, MailChimp, Billomat, Zoom, Notion, Hubspot, Box, Scanner mini, and many others.

To give you an idea of how deeply ingrained these technologies are within our team, consider we use Slack to message each other from one desk to the other while in the same room. The reason for that is we make sure all conversations are visible to the relevant people who might not be there: they might be at home, on holidays, on a train, etc.

So now that we are all working from home for ten days, or for the foreseeable future, there is zero disruption. We have seen no difference in the way we work. Inadvertently, we installed habits and the underlying tools to enable us to work independently from different locations.
This is a strength that makes us resistant to coronavirus as a company.

Our customers work from home without any disruptions

Our product, the FL3XX software suite, features all the necessary tools for all your teams, from the CEO to the crew and everyone in between.  You can all work online and it does not matter where you are.  FL3XX guarantees your 100% uptime availability in all situations. Users of FL3XX appreciate the flexibility it gives them. While on-premise solutions are cumbersome to impossible to use remotely, with FL3XX, you stay productive even with short notice home-office obligations.

We hope you are in good health, and we are happy and proud to support your continued occupation during this period of quarantine.


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