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Why top BizAv companies are switching to FL3XX in 2019

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Fresh into the new year and we are sure of one thing: 2019 will be another strong year for FL3XX in business aviation!
The new year started fast, with many calls, training sessions, demos, and meetings in Europe and the US. This interest excites us because it aligns with our internal company objectives. Here are some of the highlights for those wondering “Where is FL3XX software going in 2019?” (But you would do better to ask ‘where isn’t FL3XX going in 2019!’).

1) Customer Success

This year we are focusing on your success, even more so. Our Customer Success Team carefully leads clients through the onboarding process in 2 short weeks. We customize the process to your company, your people, and your product, before using our expertise to tactfully onboard you.

Fear not, we know that change is daunting. That is why we guide you through substantive testing of our processes beforehand so that you are comfortable before the hurricane hits land!

2) FL3XX Software Developments in…


Our catchphrase of the year: auto-pricing. The operational and commercial knowledge accrued in handling enables us to respond with automatic, accurate, and instant charter-quote prices. Whether from Lunajets, FlyEasy, your website, or any other marketplace, the customer can now book a flight in real time. FL3XX calculates your price with €10 precision.


Imagine tracking your flight costs and expenses per flight or per booking, and connecting it all to your accounting system! Sounds amazing right? We turn this dream into reality every day. We boost your financial control over your operations with our brand new Cost Consolidation Module!


We work around the clock to create machine learning features that incorporate operational parameters such as Aircraft Performance and Fuel Consumption, to provide you with the most control over your Operations.

Have we mentioned automated APIS (for USA, Russia, Canada, etc.)? While you read this, we are deploying one by one all the APIS in the world to make life as a dispatcher easier, especially for intercontinental flights.

3) Brand New Mobile Apps

A great management system has to work for you on the go. Duh. You have probably heard about our Sales, Crew, and Owner apps for business aviation (both iOS & Android). This year a new, ambitious goal to create more mobile apps for even more users is on the way! The first one will be published very soon…….Stay tuned and follow our website to be the first to know.

FL3XX mobile applications

4) Growing International Team

We are a fast-growing company. We doubled the team last year and we will do the same this year. Since the beginning of 2019, we have welcomed new colleagues to our Viennese office from the USA, the UK, and Italy. If you are curious about how our daily life at FL3XX looks, check us out on Instagram and sneak a peek into our #FL3XXlife.

Life at FL3XX

Life at FL3XX

Life at FL3XX

Life at FL3XX

Life at FL3XX

Life at FL3XX


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