What cakes have to do with our security

At FL3XX we take security seriously. Our data and that of our customers is protected everywhere and at all times. With no exceptions. That’s why we were amongst the first companies to reach GDPR compliance in 2017.

But, what caught my eye despite all our security measures, is a basic, but a crucial principle: Locking your laptop before leaving it unattended. As the encouragement of new ideas and constantly going the extra mile are part of FL3XX’ core values, I introduced the “Caking” game to our daily office life. It raises our security consciousness and creates a dialogue about its importance.

What is “Caking”?

The rules are very simple. Whenever you get up from your desk, you need to lock your laptop. Very straightforward right?

But what if you don’t? Now, this where it gets fun. Whenever you spot somebody’s unlocked laptop, you can walk over and post a message on our company’s Slack channel. This message states that the “person who got caked” will bring a cake of your choice to the office! (And of course, as a courteous gesture, the “caker” locks the “cakee’s” laptop afterwards).

Our CEO got caked!

And this is what I did to our CEO Paolo Sommariva! I thought that a Tiramisu would be an excellent choice given that Paolo is Italian.

He took it very well, delivered promptly and treated the office with delicious Tiramisu! Check out some pictures from this delicious day:

Why is this important?

Firstly, I helped my coworkers form a habit to always lock their devices (Pro Tip: keyboard shortcuts would be Windows + L on a Windows computer and Command+Control+Q on a Mac). This is something simple yet important to keep in mind when working remotely in public spaces or while traveling.
Secondly, the opportunity to have one’s creativity introduce new ways of working (and making it even more fun) while further strengthening the bonds among us in the office was a very rewarding experience for me personally. And last but certainly not the least: cake! Can a day with cake at the office get any better? Hardly…

I am glad everyone picked up this ‘security game’ so well at FL3XX, but I also hope that we won’t be seeing that many more cakes for dietary and security reasons.

Jordan Pichler

Junior iOS Developer at FL3XX

Jordan Pichler is a Junior iOS Developer who joined FL3XX earlier this year. His diverse areas of interest include fashion, (fruit related) technology, coffee and aviation. He constantly strives to improve the processes and efficiency of our iOS development team with quirky yet creative ideas.

PS. Other security conscious companies like N26 are playing this game too! Watch this short video to hear about their approach to security importance:

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