My life at FL3XX – Rudi’s first month with private jets, BBQs and office bamboo.

In our new column ‘My life at FL3XX’, we want to find out more about our FL3XX colleagues. From their background, highs and lows, to the things they are most excited about to work on at FL3XX. In this first edition, we interview Rudi Heersink. Just a month ago Rudi joined the FL3XX team in Vienna. He grew up in the Netherlands and Germany and has been working in marketing for the last 9 years. Rudi is passionate about travelling, TV shows, playing the drums, games and technology. Let’s get started.

A post shared by Life at FL3XX (@fl3xxlife) on

A post shared by Life at FL3XX (@fl3xxlife) on

Q: Let’s start off with a little warming up. Answer these questions immediately, and in one sentence.

Ready? Bring it.
How old are you? 27
Where are you from? The Netherlands
What are you doing for FL3XX? Marketing Manager
When did you start? 1 June 2018
Highlight at FL3XX so far: The arrival of our first office plant FL3XXY at the office.
Lowest point at FL3XX so far: Dropping freshly prepared mushrooms on the ground at our team BBQ.
FL3XX in three words: Young, diverse, potentiality

Q: What were your expectations before you started working at FL3XX? And how were they fulfilled after your first month?

Coming from a 500+ employee company to a 21 employee company is quite the switch, I have to tell you! There is no receptionist welcoming you at the entrance, there is no IT or HR department taking care of your things, and there are only 21 people working on a complete solution. And that’s exactly what appealed to me. The first time you enter the office, you get a great sense of freedom and responsibility; Whatever you will do matters, and it directly influences the success of the company. It fills me up with energy each time I go to the office; As much on the first day as it does now!

Q: What is the first thought you have when asked by other people about your new job?

My first thought? I want to make it easier to explain to these people what FL3XX does! I wanted to tell people everything, but I’m now able to do it in two sentences: ‘At FL3XX we want to create a world where anyone can fly anywhere at any given moment. To do this, we start by revolutionizing the business aviation industry with a smart, complete aviation management platform.’ How is that?

Q: What are you most excited about at the moment?

There are many great ideas that are just waiting to be picked up. Right now, I’m most excited about launching our new website next month. Our new website will show the fresh and forward-thinking vision of our team. We will share more about the story behind FL3XX, our constant growth and share valuable aviation insights. I’m very excited!

Q: What makes the FL3XX team different from other teams?

We really try to embrace the remote working culture. We work from our office in Vienna, but our colleagues that work remotely are as much part of the team as anybody else. We communicate constantly, have daily stand-ups and video calls and organise two trips each year, where we all work together in Sardinia or Tyrol for one week whilst doing some cool team activities. How awesome is that?

Q: Would you recommend young people to join the team? If yes, why?

Absolutely! We are a young and ambitious team, with so many inspiring personalities and nationalities. I’m learning new things each day, from professional insights to new local cuisines (in our Wednesday Cooking Club) and our great shared travel experiences.

Q: What is your advice for people who consider applying for a position at FL3XX?

Feel free to have a little talk with the people when you’re visiting the office (or contact them via LinkedIn)! We’re always eager to meet new potential colleagues. Anybody would be happy to share their insights over a cup of coffee and answer any questions you might have. Remember that we’ve all been where you are at that moment!

Q: Great, that’s a wrap! Thanks for your time, Rudi!

That was our interview with Rudi. Of course, we hope to welcome many more colleagues like Rudi. If you’re interested in the jobs that are available, just have a look at our jobs page, or feel free send us an unsolicited application. Want to see more of our lives at FL3XX? Follow us on Instagram: @FL3XXlife.


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