This Is How We Offsite: The Mediterranean Team Building experience

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Snorkelling with fish, flying in a seaplane and discovering the beautiful Mediterranean island of San Pietro. It almost seems like a perfect holiday, right? And yet, this amazing week was most of all effective and productive work for the FL3XX team. How is that possible? Read on!

An amazing way to get to know each other

Offsite meetings are company trips which bring teams together to make decisions about strategy, goals, and tactics. An occasion when employees go somewhere away from their office together, to break down barriers and simply get to know each other way better.

At FL3XX we are connected constantly via Daily Stand-ups, Slack and Asana, but we also know the importance of having strong relationships with people we are working with. Especially when half of the team works ‘location independent’ – the offsite meeting like the one we had in Sardinia, allows us to learn more about each other, find out about the communication styles, talk about motivations and feedback with each of our teammates. With clear goals, careful planning, and the right balance of fun and focused work time – we all feel that FL3XX offsite in Sardinia was a big team success!

Enikő Simó

Customer Success Specialist at FL3XX

“Sharing a week with colleagues – while working and having fun – definitely strengthened my relationships with them. Some of us work in Vienna, some remotely – it was a great opportunity to get to know each one of them better and open up space for new ideas to emerge.”

‘So… It’s a holiday, right?’

No! We might have heard this a hundred times, but offsiting is a lot of hard work. We have one week with all our colleagues and we need to spend that wisely. That’s why we’ve set out some things to focus on in our week. Since we’re growing at FL3XX and we’re gaining many new employees, we decided on two major goals; getting to know your colleagues better and getting to know the company better.

The history, growth and future of FL3XX

The quick version? FL3XX was founded by Paolo Sommariva and Stefan Oberender in 2010 to work on an ambitious aviation project. A few years and many office days and weekends later, Paolo and Stefan grew frustrated by one thing; The lack of proper software for aviation management. We started working on a piece of revolutionary aviation management that is ready to disturb the BizAv industry. Four years later we’ve got 50 satisfied clients, 21 passionate employees and a beautiful office in Vienna; A great foundation that is ready to grow strongly into the future.

Communicative and c0operative workshops

You might have noticed that we’re with quite a small team for the things that we produce. That’s because we put a lot of focus on the freedom and responsibility that each colleague has. Everybody is responsible for parts of FL3XX. The successes and the failures. Because we all make important and impactful decisions everyday, we need to make sure that our communicative and cooperative skills are top notch. A few beautiful workshop helped us to keep them there.

FL3XX Talks

Let’s put all the business aside for a second and talk about that one topic that you’re super excited about. Let’s do FL3XX talks! Inspired by famous TEDx Talks, each team member gave a 5 minute presentation about something they are passionate about. From blockchain technology, e-sports to an inspiring sales pitch and the algorithms behind solving a Rubik’s cube!

Will you be part of the future of FL3XX?

Working at FL3XX is fun and though at the same time. We work hard, but we learn a lot. We are ambitious about private aviation and have only one goal in mind; To re-define the way the world flies with private aviation. Do you think you would fit right in with us? Then check out our open positions here. We’re looking forward to drinking a coffee with you in our office!

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