Let’s Talk About Data in Business Aviation at MBAC in Malta

Where is your aviation data stored? How reliable is that data? And how do you, as an operator, can organize this data for your own use? FL3XX CEO and co-founder Paolo Sommariva will answer all these questions during his talk about “The Role of Data in Business Aviation” at the MBAC – Malta Business Aviation Conference! Meet him on 27th of March 16:50 CET at the Hilton Malta.

Learn about Technology Tools for Operators, FBOs, MROs and Suppliers

Paolo will also join a panel about “Leading Edge Technology Tools Development for Operators, FBOs, MROs and Suppliers” together with Steffen Fries the CEO of MHS Aviation, Glen Heavens the Chairman of Synergy Aviation and Stuart Donnelly, Senior Director for Group International Sales – Europe & USA at SIXT.

Tune in at 17:15 (CET) to learn more about:

  • What role does the provision of software and its connectivity play in Malta? And what about other jurisdictions’ ability to attract more operators?
  • How does the provision of high-quality technology support, simplify, and enhance operators’ day-to-day processes?
  • What are the practical lessons that software can help an operator to profitably scale up?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence and Revenue Management Software optimize a business’s hours and seats for sale, at a higher profit margin?

What is the focus of MBAC?

Lead again by Richard Koe, Managing Director of WINGX, and co-chaired by Oscar Garcia of InterFlight Global, the MBAC conference examines the rise of the super-wealthy and its impact on the business aviation industry.

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